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Our mission is seeking to put God’s love into action, to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope.
Habitat for Humanity believes that every man, woman and child should have a safe, decent and affordable home. To make this possible, Habitat for Humanity of Michigan partners with the Habitat for Humanity affiliates throughout the state to assist them to reach their maximum sustainable capacity within their individual communities by supporting the further development of their leadership, procedures and resources.

Our mission is based on principles that:

  1.  Demonstrate the love of Jesus
  2. Focus on Shelter
  3. Advocate for affordable housing
  4. Promote dignity and hope
  5. Support sustainable and transformational development

We believe:

  • The grass roots nature of Habitat for Humanity contributes to its strength and will remain a vital asset to affiliate and state success.
  • Successful families build successful neighborhoods.  Successful neighborhoods build successful communities.  Successful communities build successful states.
  • The local, state, national and international expressions of Habitat for Humanity will ultimately be more successful by mutually supporting each other and in essence operating in the spirit of “One Habitat”.
  • Affordable housing solutions include health and safety, durability, and energy efficiency as well as a responsibility to our environment, our economy and our neighborhoods.
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Habitat for Humanity Michigan (HFHM) is a statewide 501c(3) nonprofit organization whose main purpose is to increase the capacity of Michigan Habitat for Humanity affiliates to build simple decent homes in partnership with people in need. Located in Lansing, Michigan, HFHM was established in 1993 and is proud to be the first successful state support organization in the country.

Habitat for Humanity Michigan supports the 55 Habitat affiliates across the state with leadership development programs, educational training, networking opportunities and administration of grants from government, corporate and private sector entities.

Habitat for Humanity Michigan also seeks to create statewide awareness and advocacy addressing the need for decent affordable housing in the state. We also provide consultation on energy efficiency and sustainable building techniques with every house build and home renovation project.

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