About the Ramp Program

In partnership with Superior Health Foundation we have launched a Ramp Program to provide Marquette County residents with access to temporary and permanent ramps. For individuals arriving home from the hospital, rehab facility or other care facility and finding themselves in need of an immediate, temporary ramp to safely access their home, we can install a temporary metal ramp for up to 4 weeks at no cost to the individual. For those with ongoing needs, a permanent wooden ramp option is available with the cost being based on the household's income. 

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Qualifications and Application

Applicants must be a Marquette County resident and homeowner. Currently the program is not available for renters. There are no income qualifications for temporary ramps, the cost of a permanent ramp is based on the household's income with low-to-moderate incomes qualifying for free or reduced cost ramp. 

Ramps are on a first come, first serve basis. Not all homes are suitable for a ramp, this will be assessed by our construction crew.

Applications are available to homeowners through any of the following:

  • Print and email/mail to the office Ramp Program Application.
  • Call the office and request a physical copy mailed to your address.
  • Stop by the office and pick up a physical copy.
Ramp built in Gwinn
Temporary Metal Ramp