Qualifications Overview

To Qualify For The Program, The Family Must Meet The Following Requirements:

  • Meet Income Guidelines
  • Have a need for assistance
  • Be willing to partner with Habitat by assisting with the project (as much as possible)
  • Own the home and be living in the home
  • Have homeowner’s insurance

Income Limits:  Habitat for Humanity serves low income families:  The total household income needs to be at or below 60% AMI. 

The income limits are listed below.

Family Size / Marquette County
1  /  $27,660
2  /  $31,620
3  /  $35,580
4  /  $39,480
5  /  $42,660
6  /  $45,840

Process Steps:

  1. Family completes Owner Occupied Home Repair Application and returns the application.
  2. Scope of Work is defined
  3. Repair agreement is signed by family
  4. Habitat office gives ok to start 

If You Meet Any Of This Criteria, Contact Us Today For More Information.
Email:  info@mqthabitat.com
Phone: (906) 228-3578