Income Eligibility

Income Guidelines Are Listed In The Chart Below

  • All family members's income is included in the calculation of a family's total gross income.
  • Income from all wages, SSI, SSDI, food stamps, housing assistance, retirement, alimony, VA benefits, child support, etc are included.
  • The guidelines are annual (to convert monthly income to annual multiply amount by 12).
  • Income guidelines are listed by family size. 
2 $14,550 $24,250
3 $16,380 $27,300
4 $18,180 $30,300
5 $19,650 $32,750
6 $21,090 $35,150
7 $22,560 $37,600

Income levels are set annually by MSHDA Office of Community Development and are 30-50% of the median income. (Note: Minimum income limits have been adjusted to reflect the income required to afford the mortgage payment for the house size required for the family size.)  MSHDA Office of Community Development